Standout West Penn duo, Palmer Jackson and Rocco Salvitti, are bonding over their shared roots and love for golf at Notre Dame, where Jackson, a grad student, is mentoring Salvitti, a freshman, in a passing of the torch scenario.

By the Numbers
  • Palmer Jackson was a two-time WPGA Junior Player of the Year and a PIAA state champion.
  • Rocco Salvitti secured a team WPIAL and PIAA title in 2022 and had multiple top finishes in championships.
Yes, But

The success of the Notre Dame golf program heavily relies on the leadership and performance of Palmer Jackson amidst past seasons' challenges.

State of Play
  • Palmer Jackson and Rocco Salvitti are pivotal in shaping the camaraderie and competitiveness within the Notre Dame men's golf team.
  • The Irish team has seen an improvement in their performance with five top three finishes, including two team victories, in the 2023-2024 season.
What's Next

Palmer Jackson aims to continue excelling in collegiate golf before transitioning to a professional career, focusing on further success and growth.

Bottom Line

Palmer Jackson and Rocco Salvitti exemplify the strong golfing talent and camaraderie nurtured in Western Pennsylvania, with their mentorship and teamwork at Notre Dame driving the program towards success.