In 2024, the Boston Red Sox introduced a new home run celebration involving draping marathon medals over the heads of the players, fostering a sentimental connection to the city of Boston. The medal for this celebration came from an unexpected source within the team, manager Alex Cora, who had just completed a 5k race before the game against the Angels at Fenway Park. The players swiftly adopted the medal for their ritual, aligning well with the team's tradition of changing their celebration every year and choosing organic elements.

By the Numbers
  • Boston Red Sox introduced a new home run celebration in 2024 involving marathon medals.
  • Alex Cora completed a 5k race just hours before a game and his medal was used for the celebration.
  • Triston Casas, Tyler O'Neill, and Masataka Yoshida all homered in Boston's yellow jerseys.
Yes, But

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State of Play
  • Boston Red Sox have successfully debuted their new home run celebration with the marathon medal.
  • The team is considering upgrading to a larger medal for their future celebrations.
What's Next

The Red Sox may focus on hitting more home runs to showcase their new celebration involving the marathon medal.

Bottom Line

The Red Sox's new home run celebration, featuring marathon medals and driven by manager Alex Cora's unexpected involvement, adds sentimental value and a deep connection to Boston, reflecting the team's tradition of evolving celebrations. With plans for a potential upgrade, the team aims to enhance its celebratory rituals amidst their gameplay.