Jordan Hicks displays his mettle in the Giants' loss to the Marlins, with San Francisco's bullpen faltering late in the game.

By the Numbers
  • Hicks gave up two runs on three hits over five innings.
  • The Giants finished 1-for-9 with runners in scoring position and struck out 13 times.
  • Walker entered the game with a 1.93 ERA but struggled in giving up the lead.
Yes, But

The Giants struggled with their bullpen, ultimately costing them the game despite Hicks' solid performance.

State of Play
  • Giants took an early lead but couldn't hold on as Marlins staged a late rally.
  • Hicks managed to limit the damage in a challenging fourth inning.
  • Marlins capitalized on Giants' defensive miscues to score crucial runs.
What's Next

Giants will look to regroup and address bullpen issues to avoid similar late-game collapses in the future.

Bottom Line

Jordan Hicks' strong starting performance was overshadowed by the Giants' bullpen struggles, highlighting the team's need for more consistent late-game reliability.