A pitching duel unfolded at Den Hartog Field as Carter Mick led Lincoln East to a narrow 1-0 victory over Lincoln Southwest, where Karter Chamberlain delivered a strong performance for the losing side.

By the Numbers
  • Combined, Mick and Chamberlain pitched 13 innings, striking out 10 and allowing only nine hits.
  • Chamberlain recorded five strikeouts in four innings, while Mick matched that in seven innings.
Yes, But

Chamberlain expressed regret over a lead-off walk that led to the only run, acknowledging it as a critical mistake in the game.

State of Play
  • Lincoln East secured a narrow victory over Lincoln Southwest with a 1-0 lead obtained in the first inning.
  • Both pitchers showcased strong performances, gaining mutual respect for each other's skills and craft during the intense matchup.
What's Next

A potential rematch between Lincoln East and Lincoln Southwest might occur at the upcoming Spartan Invitational, promising another intense showdown.

Bottom Line

A stellar pitching duel between Carter Mick and Karter Chamberlain highlighted by a slim 1-0 victory for Lincoln East underscores the impact of crucial moments in high-stakes games and sets the stage for a possible rematch at the Spartan Invitational.