Florida Panthers captain Sasha Barkov's driving habits, particularly his need for speed, were discussed by teammates Matthew Tkachuk and Keith Yandle on the Yandling Bizness show. Tkachuk confirmed Barkov's reputation as a fast driver, sharing anecdotes of Barkov's speedy trips to the airport. The conversation revealed Barkov's penchant for driving fast, including a notable speeding ticket incident where he was fined over $53,000 for exceeding the speed limit. In contrast, Tkachuk joked about his own driving in a golf cart, avoiding the risk of speeding tickets.

By the Numbers
  • Barkov was fined €46,675 euros for driving 105 km/h in a 60 km/h zone, equivalent to over $53,000 U.S. dollars.
  • Teemu Selanne was reportedly given a $55,000 speeding ticket in the early 2000s for speeding.
  • Yandle mentioned Barkov's swift 11-minute trip from Boca to the Fort Lauderdale airport, a journey that typically takes around 35 minutes.
Yes, But

Some may find the humor around Barkov's speeding and large fines concerning, highlighting potential dangers associated with reckless driving behaviors.

What's Next

It remains to be seen if Barkov's driving habits will change following the public discussion of his speeding tendencies.

Bottom Line

The lighthearted banter on the Yandling Bizness show sheds light on Barkov's need for speed behind the wheel, revealing an amusing contrast to Tkachuk's cautious golf cart driving.