Utah State softball fell to San José State in five innings during the first game of the final three-game series, with San José State taking the win with a score of 10-2.

By the Numbers
  • San José State had 13 hits compared to Utah State's 6.
  • Mia Reynolds from San José State got the win with a 5-14 record, while Jessica Stewart from Utah State took the loss at 7-7.
State of Play
  • San José State dominated the game early with a strong offensive performance, securing a comfortable lead throughout.
  • Utah State fought back with a few key plays but was unable to overcome the lead, leading to a decisive victory for San José State.
What's Next

Utah State will face San José State in the second matchup of the series at Johnson Field on May 3 at noon.

Bottom Line

Utah State Softball faced a tough loss against San José State, unable to match their opponent's strong performance and will look to bounce back in the upcoming games.