Greenwood baseball secured a 6-3 victory over Franklin after scoring four runs in the sixth inning, continuing their longtime rivalry.

By the Numbers
  • Woodmen's record: 9-10 overall, 7-4 in conference
  • Franklin's record: 9-8 overall, 4-5 in conference
  • Greenwood's Logan Connor pitched a complete game with six hits surrendered and four strikeouts
Yes, But

Both teams faced challenges, injuries, and miscues throughout the season.

State of Play
  • Greenwood's recent performance has shown improvement with consecutive wins
  • Franklin remains a competitive team despite the loss
What's Next

Both teams will continue competing in the conference with a focus on maintaining their performance levels.

Bottom Line

The Greenwood baseball team's victory over Franklin in a close game signifies their resilience and determination to succeed in a challenging season, showcasing their ability to rally and secure crucial wins.