Laramie High School has chosen Erin Wedemeyer as the new volleyball coach, pending approval from the Albany County School District 1 Board of Trustees. Wedemeyer, with over 15 years of coaching and playing experience at high levels in the sport, has been a vital part of LHS's volleyball program success. She aims to continue the winning ways of the Plainsmen while adding her own touch to the coaching.

By the Numbers
  • Laramie High had a 60-9 record over the past two seasons with Wedemeyer as the junior-varsity coach and assistant on varsity.
Yes, But

Despite the recommendation from the previous coach, the full hiring process was followed, indicating a transparent and competitive selection process.

State of Play
  • Wedemeyer brings a wealth of experience and success to the role, having been a part of the state championship mentality at LHS in recent years.
  • She aims to maintain successful aspects of the program while adding her own style and focusing on building strong relationships with the players.
What's Next

Wedemeyer plans to focus on enhancing the mental aspects of the sport, aiming to be a calming influence and foster maturity and resilience among the players.

Bottom Line

Erin Wedemeyer's appointment as the new volleyball coach at Laramie High School signifies a blend of experience, continuity, and fresh perspectives in leading the team towards continued success while prioritizing the well-being and growth of the players both on and off the court.