On their final camp day at Abundant Life Fellowship in Roatan, ETBU Men's Basketball team engaged with local students through drills, relays, and gospel discussions. Freshman Jace Crawford and Sophomore Michael Roberts highlighted the deep connections formed as kids eagerly participated and interacted with team members. The day concluded with a victorious game against the local team, followed by heartfelt moments of sharing stories and experiences during dinner debrief.

By the Numbers
  • ETBU held 5 days of basketball camps.
  • ETBU team members distributed over 50 player cards to local children.
Yes, But

Despite the joy and engagement, the experience also brought moments of introspection for the team, as they reflected on their personal growth and the challenges they faced in unfamiliar settings.

State of Play
  • ETBU Men's Basketball is wrapping up their service trip in Roatan.
  • Activities included daily basketball camps, communal meals, and nightly debriefs focused on personal and spiritual growth.
What's Next

The team anticipates continued personal and spiritual development as they conclude the trip, with final activities likely to deepen their bond and broaden their perspectives on service and leadership.

Bottom Line

The ETBU Men's Basketball team's trip to Roatan has proven transformative, fostering strong interpersonal connections, spiritual growth, and a deeper understanding of humility and service, enriching both the local community and the team itself.