Owen Hackman delivered eight scoreless innings and Robbie Ayers hit a two-run homer to push the Lions closer to a West Coast Conference Tournament bid with a 6-1 win over San Francisco. Hackman's stellar performance extended his run without allowing a run to three straight starts and dropped his ERA to 3.69. The Lions also broke two school records, with the pitching staff reaching 462 strikeouts for the season and Grant Weiss setting a new single-season hit-by-pitch record.

By the Numbers
  • Hackman: 8 innings, 0 runs, 3 hits, 3 walks, 7 strikeouts.
  • 28 strikeouts over his last 27 innings, allowing only one run in that span.
  • Team: 462 strikeouts in the season, setting a school record.
  • Weiss: 22 hit-by-pitches, setting a new single-season record.
State of Play
  • Hackman's ERA is now 3.69.
  • Ayers' homer was his fifth of the season.
  • The Lions are closing in on a bid to the West Coast Conference Tournament.
What's Next

The Lions need to secure just two more wins to clinch their spot in the West Coast Conference Tournament. Upcoming games will determine their exact seed and overall standing within the conference.

Bottom Line

Hackman's impressive run and record-breaking performances are key to the Lions' strong position as they approach the crucial final games of the season. The team's focus now shifts to solidifying their tournament bid with a couple more wins.