The top scoring leaders in boys high school lacrosse for the 2024 regular season have been announced, showcasing the standout players from various schools in the region. Leading the pack is Tim Plunkett from Iona Prep with a remarkable 100 points, followed closely by Fin McConnell of Kennedy Catholic and Tyler Taerstein of Blind Brook, both with 95 points. These statistics reflect the performance and data reported by the coaches, covering games played through May 16.

By the Numbers
  • Tim Plunkett (Iona Prep): 52 goals, 48 assists, 100 points
  • Fin McConnell (Kennedy Catholic): 65 goals, 30 assists, 95 points
  • Tyler Taerstein (Blind Brook): 56 goals, 39 assists, 95 points
State of Play
  • Teams are now gearing up for the highly anticipated playoffs.
  • Players and coaches are strategizing based on the regular season’s performance data.
What's Next

As the postseason approaches, all eyes will be on these high scorers to see if they can maintain or exceed their performance levels under playoff pressures. Expect strategic plays and intense competition as teams vie for the championship.

Bottom Line

The regular season has set a high bar with exceptional individual performances. Coaches and teams will need to leverage these stats to make impactful game strategies for the playoffs, where the stakes are higher and every point counts.