The Toronto Raptors are eyeing a new trade strategy to improve floor-spacing by potentially acquiring Portland Trail Blazers forward Jerami Grant. With Bruce Brown's $23 million contract playing a pivotal role, the Raptors might trade for the proven shooter to add much-needed production and veteran experience. Previously successful in 2019, the Raptors need a similar setup to enhance Scottie Barnes' support system. Recent acquisitions, like Gradey Dick and Kelly Olynyk, have started this process, but adding Grant could complete it. This move aligns with their strategy of maximizing shooters on the roster.

By the Numbers
  • Bruce Brown's contract for next season: $23 million.
  • Jerami Grant's contract: Large, long-term deal.
Yes, But

While Grant could boost the Raptors' floor-spacing, his large contract adds financial constraints. The Raptors must weigh if his benefits outweigh potential salary cap issues and the loss of flexibility in future trades.

State of Play
  • Raptors added key shooters Gradey Dick and Kelly Olynyk.
  • Jerami Grant plays for a rebuilding team, increasing trade feasibility.
What's Next

If the Raptors decide to proceed, they would need to manage Bruce Brown's option strategically and negotiate effectively with the Trail Blazers. Success of the trade hinges on both financial maneuvering and Grant’s fit within the team’s dynamic.

Bottom Line

Acquiring Jerami Grant could be a smart move for the Raptors to address their floor-spacing issues, provided they navigate the financial implications effectively. This strategic trade could enhance their postseason prospects significantly.