Salmen High School's football team is undergoing significant changes, with 20 seniors, including the parish's leading rusher, graduating from last season's championship team. Head Coach Eric Chuter is carefully replacing those starters, emphasizing the need for both new and experienced players to step up. Leading the new offensive lineup is senior running back by committee and senior quarterback Markel Keyes. On defense, newly appointed Defensive Coordinator Rory Bell brings extensive experience to the team. Additionally, Salmen will move up to Class 5A and face new district competitors.

By the Numbers
  • Graduated 20 seniors, including the parish's leading rusher with 1,916 yards and 25 touchdowns.
  • New offensive lineup includes senior running backs Christian Brown and Beasley Desmond, among others.
  • Salmen moves up to Class 5A, competing against Fontainebleau, Slidell, Northshore, and Chalmette.
Yes, But

The departure of key seniors creates a challenge in maintaining performance, especially with a move to a more competitive district. However, the presence of experienced players who have been in the program could help bridge the gap despite their lack of big-time game experience.

State of Play
  • Salmen is filling crucial positions with both seasoned and new players.
  • Rory Bell's leadership as Defensive Coordinator is expected to strengthen the team's defense.
  • The adaptation to Class 5A will test the team's ability to develop specialized players for enhanced performance.
What's Next

The team's progress during the upcoming season will be closely watched as they adapt to a higher class and integrate new starters. Key factors include how well the offensive and defensive lines develop and if the team can sustain its competitive edge.

Bottom Line

Salmen High School's football team faces a pivotal season with the introduction of new players and staff, and a challenging move to Class 5A. Their ability to adapt and utilize both new and experienced talent will be crucial to their continued success.