Adam Engström's 2023-24 season saw him transition from an offensive-minded defenceman to focusing more on his defensive play, due to challenges faced by his team, Rögle BK. Despite high expectations, Rögle struggled initially, leading to significant staffing changes and a lineup impacted by injuries. Engström adapted by improving his gap control, physical play, and net-front defense, though this came at the expense of his offensive assertiveness.

By the Numbers
  • Rögle BK's regular season goal differential: -16
  • Engström's regular season goal differential: -10
Yes, But

Although Engström's defensive game strengthened, his concentration lapses and turnovers persisted, which could be a concern in higher levels of play. His offensive production did not increase as expected, staying consistent with past seasons.

State of Play
  • Rögle faced early-season struggles, finishing 11th out of 14 teams by December.
  • Coaching and management changes midway through the season impacted team dynamics.
What's Next

Engström will transition to North American play, joining the Laval Rocket in the AHL. He might spend the initial season on the second or third pairing, with a potential option for a return to the SHL for further development.

Bottom Line

Engström's defensive improvements have set a foundation for his future, but his transition to the NHL will depend on how well he adapts to the faster-paced, smaller ice surface of North American hockey.