Legendary golf instructor Butch Harmon revealed that the player he learned the most from was Greg Norman, not Tiger Woods, citing Norman's business acumen and time management skills as pivotal in shaping Harmon's coaching approach.

By the Numbers
  • During his tenure with Tiger Woods from 1993-2002, Woods won 8 majors and 34 Tour events.
  • Greg Norman, although winning only two majors, triumphed in over 80 tournaments worldwide and was praised for his exceptional skill in driving the ball with a wooden driver.
What's Next

Future developments may include more insights from Butch Harmon on his coaching experiences with various players and potentially more revelations about his learnings from other golfing legends.

Bottom Line

Butch Harmon's acknowledgment of Greg Norman's influence highlights the importance of learning from diverse experiences and individuals, showcasing the value of effective time management and professionalism in sports coaching.