Former Canadiens Scout Grant McCagg has a successful track record in predicting the team's draft picks, with insights into the upcoming selection process and his latest prediction for the Canadiens' fifth-overall pick.

By the Numbers
  • In the 2018 NHL Draft, despite fan hopes for Filip Zadina, the Canadiens selected Jesperi Kotkaniemi third overall, a move that McCagg had forecasted.
  • In the 2022 NHL Draft, the Canadiens surprised many by choosing Juraj Slafkovsky as the first overall pick, a selection that McCagg had predicted in advance.
Yes, But

McCagg's predictions, while often accurate, may not align with popular fan expectations or expert opinions.

What's Next

McCagg foresees the Canadiens selecting Beckett Sennecke in the upcoming draft, urging fans to familiarize themselves with this potential pick.

Bottom Line

Grant McCagg's insights offer a unique perspective on the Canadiens' draft strategy, showcasing a pattern of foresight that contrasts with conventional expectations, influencing the team's choices and informing fans' anticipation for the upcoming draft.