A.J. Hoggard, a fifth-year guard transitioning to Vanderbilt after a noted tenure at Michigan State, is steadfast in his commitment to winning despite external skepticism. Embracing the underdog narrative, Hoggard acknowledges doubters but uses their skepticism as motivation. He is keen to overturn Vanderbilt's recent lackluster performance, drawing from his experience and success with Michigan State. Vanderbilt’s new coaching staff shares Hoggard’s ambition, aiming to elevate the program’s competitive stature. Hoggard is focused on making a substantial impact and invigorating the team's performance this season.

By the Numbers
  • Hoggard averaged 10.7 points per game in his senior year.
  • Top 50 in the country for assists during his tenure at Michigan State.
  • Completed his college career with over 1,000 points.
Yes, But

Despite Hoggard's impressive resume, Vanderbilt faces significant challenges, including adapting to a new coaching staff and overcoming a disappointing 9-23 record last season. Questions remain about how quickly the team can gel and improve performance under new leadership.

State of Play
  • Vanderbilt is coming off a 9-23 season.
  • The team is under a new coaching regime, looking to change course and build a winning program.
What's Next

Hoggard aims to lead by example and use his last year of eligibility to make a lasting mark at Vanderbilt. The focus is on developing team cohesion, competing at a high level, and delivering exciting performances for fans. The upcoming season will reveal if the new dynamics can translate into tangible success on the court.

Bottom Line

A.J. Hoggard's move to Vanderbilt represents a critical opportunity to rejuvenate the program with his leadership and competitive spirit. While doubts persist, Hoggard's resolve and the fresh approach of the new coaching staff could be pivotal in shifting the trajectory of Vanderbilt basketball.