PGA of America voices concerns about the impending golf-ball rollback with changes set to affect professionals and elite amateurs in 2028 and recreational golfers in 2030.

By the Numbers
  • Rollback applies to all conforming ball models in 2028
  • Recreational golfers grandfathered until 2030
Yes, But

Concerns raised about potential impact on recreational golf enjoyment and momentum of the game amid the transition to new testing standards.

State of Play
  • PGA of America opposes changes that may reduce recreational golfers' enjoyment
  • Questions arise about the fate of non-conforming balls and potential stockpiling by golfers
  • Manufacturers face dilemmas on continuing non-conforming options or adapting to new standards
What's Next

Future developments hinge on the impact of the new ball on regular golfers' distance as pros gear up for the transition, with manufacturers facing uncertainty.

Bottom Line

The impending golf-ball rollback raises concerns about its effects on recreational play and industry dynamics, prompting a delicate balance between tradition and innovation in the sport.