Ranking the top Canadiens under 24, Kirby Dach is highlighted as the 5th best player, showing promise for the team's future with his skills and potential impact.

By the Numbers
  • Dach has played a total of 60 games for the Canadiens, accumulating 14 goals and 26 assists, reaching a total of 40 points.
Yes, But

Dach's career has been marred by injuries, indicating a potential concern for his ability to stay healthy and consistently contribute on the ice.

State of Play
  • Kirby Dach's importance to the Canadiens' center core is expected to increase as the team aims for progress in the upcoming season.
  • There is anticipation for Dach to have a significant season with the Canadiens, especially with potential new wingers to complement his playing style.
What's Next

If Dach can maintain his health and overcome any initial challenges in the upcoming season, he could become a key forward for the Canadiens, solidifying his position as one of the team's most important players.

Bottom Line

Kirby Dach, despite facing injury setbacks, has the potential to be a vital asset for the Canadiens, positioning him as a key player in the team's future success.