PGA Tour faced another blow as a board member resigned amidst Xander Schauffele's PGA Championship win, following a recent resignation by Jimmy Dunne, amid negotiations with LIV Golf's owners.

By the Numbers
  • Mark Flaherty, an independent director, resigned from the PGA Tour Policy Board.
  • Jimmy Dunne resigned in response to stalled negotiations with the Saudi Public Investment Fund.
Yes, But

The imbalance between player and independent directors on the board has caused disruptions and uncertainties.

State of Play
  • Resignations of key board members have left an uneven ratio of player and non-player directors.
  • The structure and functioning of the Policy Board have been subject to ongoing turbulence and lack of consistency.
What's Next

Future board meetings and decisions may continue to reflect instability and potential disagreements among remaining members.

Bottom Line

The PGA Tour faces governance challenges as key board members depart, raising concerns about the board's composition and decision-making processes, impacting the Tour's stability and future directions.