Xander Schauffele's custom red and black putter played a crucial role in his PGA Championship victory, with the unique visuals reflecting his comfort and consistency on the course.

By the Numbers
  • Schauffele is the only pro with custom red and black paint on the putter face.
  • Transitioned from a silver finish to the current red and black design for increased comfort and visual consistency.
State of Play
  • Schauffele's unique putter design sets him apart on the tour, emphasizing the importance of visual aesthetics in professional golf.
  • Other pros like Brooks Koepka are also making equipment adjustments to enhance performance and comfort on the course.
What's Next

Future developments may see more players customizing their equipment for both performance and personal preferences, following Schauffele's successful example.

Bottom Line

Xander Schauffele's custom putter symbolizes a blend of comfort, consistency, and visual appeal that could influence future trends in professional golf equipment customization.