Anthony Edwards has seen a surge in NBA stardom linked to his Adidas AE1 sneakers, drawing comparisons to Michael Jordan amid high demand for the signature shoes.

By the Numbers
  • Anthony Edwards' first signature shoe, Adidas AE1, inspired by YEEZY Foam Runners, is selling out in most men's sizes.
  • Adidas has a track record of multimillion-dollar deals with NBA stars like Damian Lillard and James Harden.
Yes, But

The comparisons between Edwards' AE1 and Air Jordan 1, though unfounded in design similarities, have been fueled by Adidas' marketing approach.

State of Play
  • Edwards' sneaker popularity and successful career trajectory position him as a lucrative endorser in the sneaker industry.
  • Adidas is banking on Edwards to become a central figure in Adidas Basketball, following the steps of NBA stars like Lillard and Harden.
What's Next

As Edwards' fame grows, a significant contract extension with Adidas is anticipated, solidifying his role as a leading face of the brand's basketball division.

Bottom Line

Anthony Edwards' rise in the NBA spotlight, fueled by his Adidas partnership and signature sneakers, signifies a potential lucrative future as a prominent figure in Adidas Basketball, setting the stage for a substantial contract extension.