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Georgia QB Carson Beck’s NIL: From $220 to a $300K Lambo
Credit: © Joshua L. Jones/USA TODAY NETWORK

Georgia QB Carson Beck’s NIL: From $220 to a $300K Lambo

ATHENS, Ga. (BVM) – UCLA quarterback Chase Griffin said it best when he stood before Congress and stated that most college athletes don’t make “Lamborghini money.” However, Georgia Bulldogs QB Carson Beck has certainly proved that he’s one of the few who does have Lambo money. 

Carson Beck’s NIL valuation is $1.6 million, according to On3, which ranks him among the top 10 potential earners for college athletes in the nation. 

Beck was pictured purchasing an estimated $270,000 Lamborghini Urus Performante earlier in the year, shown below. 

While Beck hasn’t confirmed whether he leased or bought the Lamborghini outright – he has hinted that he used his own NIL money to acquire it.  

“Obviously, a lot of people are going to look at it and say, ‘What a terrible decision, what a terrible choice with his money,’” Beck told the media about his Lamborghini purchase. “But it’s just a car at the end of the day. It’s not too big of a deal. 

“… I’ve always been a car guy since I was a kid,” Beck also noted the media about his luxury car buy. My dream car when I was super young was a Mustang. I’ve never actually had a Mustang [because I grew out of it.] Being able to associate myself with that large brand name (Lamborghini) and being able to get that car is a blessing.” 

Just four years ago, Beck couldn’t have imagined being able to afford a six-figure vehicle. 

“When I first got here (to Georgia), I was happy to get my $220 stipend the second week,” Beck told The Athletic last month. “It’s so weird to look back and that was reality four or five years ago.” 

Beck has certainly come a long way – from excitement over a $220 check to being able to afford a Lamborghini with his NIL money. His next car may even be a Bulldog-red Ferrari. 

I love Ferraris too, maybe one day,” Beck told the media.  

Aside from the luxury cars, Beck also likes to spend his NIL money on shoes and Chipotle. 

“I have like 80-90 pairs (of shoes),” Beck told The Players’ Lounge. “I’ve probably bought 10-15 pairs of shoes in the past month.”

“Chipotle – I think I do eat that every day,” Beck said in an interview for UGA athletics. “… If you get a burrito, they put everything in the tortilla [but] it’s less food than if you get a bowl with a tortilla on the side – and it’s only like 50 cents more.”

In the realm of NIL, Beck’s future appears promising as he prepares to lead the Bulldogs as QB1 for the 2024 football season. Rumors swirled that Beck was asking for $4 million to return to Georgia for his fifth year; however, he has since stated that NIL was “never a main factor” in his decision to return.  

Regardless of the fame and fortune, Beck has stated that he wants to be treated like an ordinary person. 

“Anywhere I go, it’s like people have never seen a person before,” Beck told The Players’ Lounge. “I think it’s the funniest thing. When people try to sneak pictures – and it’s like if you want to take a picture, just ask. I’m just like a normal person.” 

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