In a surprising run, 12th-seeded Lyons baseball faced a setback in the Class 2A state semifinal, losing to No. 2 Denver Christian after recent victories over higher-ranked teams.

By the Numbers
  • Lyons baseball upset No. 5 Holyoke, No. 13 Swink, and No. 1 Limon in preceding games.
  • Freshman pitcher Zack LaCrosse threw six solid innings, allowing only one earned run and striking out four.
Yes, But

Despite their recent success, Lyons baseball couldn't sustain their momentum against Denver Christian, facing a significant defeat.

State of Play
  • Denver Christian advances to the state championship, while Lyons prepares for a match against the winner of Limon vs. No. 8 Buena Vista.
  • Lyons baseball is hailed as the best team in school history, regardless of the upcoming results.
What's Next

Lyons will face the winner of Limon vs. No. 8 Buena Vista in their next match at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, aiming to bounce back.

Bottom Line

Despite a tough loss, Lyons baseball's historic achievements and newfound confidence mark a significant turning point for the team, setting the stage for continued success in the future.