NBA Insider shares insights on the uncertain future of Sixers veteran Tobias Harris, signaling his likely departure from the team amid upcoming offseason changes.

By the Numbers
  • Sixers potentially losing key players like Harris in the offseason
  • Expectation of Tyrese Maxey staying with a possible max contract offer
  • Harris' impressive stats during his tenure with the Sixers
Yes, But

The Sixers' President expressed interest in keeping all free agents, including Harris, but admitted it may not be feasible.

State of Play
  • Uncertainty surrounds Harris' future with the Sixers
  • Potential benefit for both parties in Harris seeking a new team for an enhanced role
  • Morey sees Harris as a valuable asset for a championship-caliber team
What's Next

Expect Harris to part ways with the Sixers, seeking a team where he can potentially have a more significant role.

Bottom Line

Amidst changes for the Sixers, Tobias Harris' departure seems likely, offering both him and the team a chance for new opportunities and growth.