West Virginia's upcoming season opener against Penn State is ranked as one of the Top 10 must-watch non-conference games for the 2024 college football regular season, marking one of four such games in Week 1.

By the Numbers
  • The second matchup between West Virginia and Penn State is tentatively scheduled for August 31st.
  • West Virginia was ranked tenth on the list of must-watch non-conference games by Brad Crawford of 247Sports.
Yes, But

Penn State is entering the 2024 season as a perennial Big 10 contender with a strong history and presence in Top 25 rankings, presenting a formidable challenge for West Virginia.

State of Play
  • West Virginia aims to establish itself as a serious contender in the Big 12 and College Football Playoff after a successful 2023 season.
  • Penn State is looking to secure an at-large bid for the postseason amid tough competition in the Big 10.
What's Next

The outcome of the West Virginia vs. Penn State matchup in Week 1 will be crucial in shaping perceptions of both teams' competitiveness and potential for the season ahead.

Bottom Line

The West Virginia vs. Penn State game promises to be a significant early-season clash with implications for both teams' standing in their respective conferences and the wider College Football Playoff race.