Xavier Gipson has the potential to have a Santana Moss-like impact on the 2024 Jets, providing a crucial offensive weapon similar to Moss's role after being drafted in 2021.

By the Numbers
  • Santana Moss in four seasons with the Jets: 3,595 yards and 21 touchdowns.
  • Aaron Rodgers, with a career interception rate of 1.4%, values ball security, making Gipson's ball-handling skills valuable.
State of Play
  • New kickoff rules introduce strategic and exciting changes, benefiting teams with skilled returners like Gipson.
  • Brant Boyer, the Jets' special teams coach, is well-equipped to leverage Gipson's talents for kickoffs, potentially affecting both offense and defense positively.
What's Next

Future games will reveal the extent of Gipson's impact on the team and whether he can secure a long-term roster spot based on his performance.

Bottom Line

Xavier Gipson's potential to emulate Santana Moss's impact could significantly benefit the 2024 Jets, especially in the context of new kickoff rules, potentially securing his future with the team.