Orlando Pride's successful rebuild shines in NWSL, while Utah Royals and San Diego Wave face challenges.

By the Numbers
  • Orlando Pride secured their eighth straight victory, a first in NWSL history.
  • Utah Royals have a winless streak of five games and have only scored six goals in 11 games.
  • San Diego Wave have a shot-on-goal percentage of 35.7% and struggle to convert chances.
Yes, But

While Orlando Pride show consistency and defensive strength, questions linger about their ability to maintain leads. Utah Royals' low-scoring performance raises concerns about their tactical strategy.

State of Play
  • Orlando Pride are leading the league with a strong defensive record and impressive attacking sharpness.
  • Utah Royals struggle offensively, ranking low in goals scored and shots taken.
  • San Diego Wave face a challenge in converting opportunities and transitioning from their previous dominance to midtable mediocrity.
What's Next

Teams like Orlando Pride may need to work on maintaining leads, while Utah Royals and San Diego Wave must focus on improving their offensive performance for a stronger second half of the season.

Bottom Line

Orlando Pride's successful rebuild sets a high bar in the NWSL, highlighting the importance of consistency and adaptability in the league. Utah Royals and San Diego Wave face challenges that require strategic adjustments to secure better results in the upcoming games.