In Indiana, Buddha Williams, the new defensive ends coach, is uniting with former rivals to elevate the program, drawing from his successful coaching stint at North Dakota State.

By the Numbers
  • Williams coached North Dakota State defensive ends during a period that saw four Division I FCS national titles.
  • James Madison, led by Curt Cignetti, faced North Dakota State twice in playoff games during Williams' tenure.
Yes, But

The defensive end position at Indiana has experienced significant changes during the coaching transition, with key players departing.

State of Play
  • Williams aims for Indiana's defensive ends to showcase unmatched effort and intensity on the field.
  • The team is adapting to new additions like Mikail Kamara and position changes, guided by Williams' coaching philosophy.
What's Next

Future developments may include the growth of young players like Lanell Carr Jr., Venson Sneed, and Ta'Derius Collins under Williams' mentorship.

Bottom Line

Buddha Williams brings a drive for excellence to Indiana's defensive ends, fostering a culture of hard work and dedication that could lead to significant progress for the team.