Notre Dame secures consecutive national championships after a dominant win over Maryland, capping off a season with a 16-1 record and an average winning margin of 7.18.

By the Numbers
  • Notre Dame won 14 straight games under coach Kevin Corrigan.
  • They scored on 10-of-18 possessions in the first half of the championship game.
  • Maryland is now 2-6 in title games under Coach John Tillman.
Yes, But

Maryland's playoff run, though impressive, ended with a lopsided loss in the finals.

State of Play
  • Notre Dame's victory marked their completion of a dominant season.
  • Maryland, despite a strong playoff performance, fell short in the finals once again.
  • The landscape for the 2025 collegiate season appears wide open with various teams facing uncertainties.
What's Next

The collegiate lacrosse scene anticipates a competitive 2025 season with questions surrounding ACC teams and potential shifts in team dynamics.

Bottom Line

Notre Dame's back-to-back championships showcase their dominance, while the upcoming season presents an unpredictable landscape with evolving team strengths and challenges.