The final Nebraska high school baseball stat leaders for the 2024 season have been released, showcasing standout performances in hitting, RBI, runs, doubles, triples, home runs, stolen bases, pitching wins, ERA, strikeouts, and saves.

By the Numbers
  • Lewis from Millard West topped Class A hitting with a .496 average, while Joneson from North Platte led Class B with .526, and Wisnieski from Malcolm led Class C with .515.
  • Evasco from Lincoln East led Class A in RBIs with 54, Monroe from Norris led Class B with 42, and Schmidt from Malcolm led Class C with 33.
State of Play
  • Lewis from Millard West and Evasco from Lincoln East dominated Class A hitting and RBIs.
  • Monroe from Norris and Fountain from Norris stood out in Class B hitting and RBIs.
  • Schmidt from Malcolm showcased stellar performance in hitting and RBIs for Class C.
What's Next

As the high school baseball season wraps up, these players' exceptional performances will likely draw attention from college scouts and elevate their prospects for future opportunities in the sport.

Bottom Line

The final Nebraska high school baseball stat leaders reflect the exceptional talent and dedicated efforts of young players across different classes, setting a notable benchmark for future seasons and potential career advancements in baseball.