LSU Tigers QB Commit, Nation's No. 1 Recruit Bryce Underwood remains fully committed to LSU despite the temptation of chasing NIL money.

By the Numbers
  • Underwood amassed 3,329 passing yards, 41 touchdowns, and a 64.9% completion rate during his last high school season.
  • LSU aggressively offered big money once to Underwood, but it hasn't been an ongoing pursuit.
Yes, But

Despite the money offered by LSU, Underwood's main focus remains on achieving his goal of reaching the NFL as the first draft pick.

State of Play
  • Underwood's father acknowledges the significance of money but emphasizes the importance of Bryce's happiness and achieving his dreams.
  • LSU is poised to benefit from Underwood's talents and commitment to his long-term football goals.
What's Next

Underwood's steadfast focus on his football career over immediate NIL money sets a notable example in the evolving landscape of college sports endorsements.

Bottom Line

Bryce Underwood, the top recruit, maintains his loyalty to LSU, prioritizing his NFL aspirations over short-term financial gains, reflecting a strategic and forward-thinking approach amidst the NIL era.