Senior varsity golfer Kevin McConnin secured a victory in the league tournament after a nail-biting finish on the eighteenth hole of Twin Oaks Golf Course, following a strong performance in the first round at Maderas Golf Course.

By the Numbers
  • The tournament was an individual competition with Kevin McConnin needing to focus on the mental aspect of his game.
  • Scoring in golf tournaments is based on the total number of shots taken, with fewer shots indicating a better performance.
  • 10 varsity players participated in the tournament, with six playing for team honors and four, including McConnin, competing individually.
Yes, But

Despite the individual nature of the tournament, McConnin's win was unexpected for some teammates, showcasing the level of competition he faced.

State of Play
  • Coach James Cassidy noted significant improvements in McConnin's performance and the overall team performance under his leadership in his second year.
  • At the CIF San Diego Section competition, freshman Trever Cox advanced to the second round after McConnin was sidelined by injury.
What's Next

With McConnin earning player of the year and the team showing progress, the focus shifts to maintaining and building on this success in the upcoming seasons.

Bottom Line

Kevin McConnin's triumph in the league tournament showcases his skill and determination in the face of tough competition, setting a high standard for himself and his team, signaling a promising future for the program under Coach Cassidy's guidance.