Poway High School's wrestling program, currently ranked number one in the state and third in the nation, has been further strengthened by the addition of new coach Aliaksandr Kikiniou, known as Coach Kiki, who brought 20 years of athlete training experience to the team. Kikiniou, a 2-time Olympic finalist in Greco-Roman wrestling style, has an impressive track record with European championship medals and a world championship bronze. Both of his sons, Arseni and Aliaksandr, also compete for the program, showcasing a strong family wrestling tradition.

By the Numbers
  • Poway High School's wrestling program is currently number one in the state and third in the nation.
  • Coach Aliaksandr Kikiniou, a 2-time Olympic finalist, has been coaching for 20 years.
Yes, But

Some may argue that coaching family members can present unique challenges and conflicts of interest in a competitive sports environment.

State of Play
  • Current wrestlers like senior Aliaksandr “Sasha” Kikiniou and Sophomore Aaron Klein highlight the positive team culture and support within the program.
  • The team's success and reputation under Coach Kiki's leadership set a high standard for future seasons.
What's Next

With the strong foundation laid by Coach Kiki and the talented wrestlers in the program, Poway High School's wrestling team is poised to continue its tradition of excellence and success in the upcoming seasons.

Bottom Line

Coach Aliaksandr Kikiniou's impact on Poway High School's wrestling program, along with the dedication of the athletes like his sons, reflects a legacy of excellence and commitment that sets a high standard for the future of the team.