Alabama State University has won the SWAC Academic Achievement Award for the fifth consecutive time, boasting the highest percentage of student-athletes with a GPA of 3.0 or above in the league under the leadership of Dr. Genese Lavalais. The institution led with 69% of student-athletes meeting the GPA criteria, surpassing other contenders like Bethune-Cookman and Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

By the Numbers
  • Alabama State University achieved a 69% rate of student-athletes with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Bethune-Cookman followed with 67% and Arkansas-Pine Bluff with 64% in the SWAC Academic Achievement Award ranking.
State of Play
  • Alabama State University leads the SWAC in academic performance, setting a high standard for student-athletes.
  • Dr. Genese Lavalais' guidance has resulted in consistent academic excellence, reflecting the institution's commitment to education.
What's Next

The continued success in academic achievement sets a precedent for future student-athletes at Alabama State University, showcasing the importance of balancing sports and academics for overall excellence.

Bottom Line

Alabama State University's consecutive wins in the SWAC Academic Achievement Award highlight a culture of academic dedication and success among student-athletes, underscoring the institution's commitment to holistic development and excellence.