The Harvard women's basketball team has welcomed five new recruits for the 2024-25 season, including Hana Belibi, Asani Ceaser, Lydia Chatira, Nina Emance, and Alayna Rocco.

By the Numbers
  • Lydia Chatira: Two-time captain for Agia Paraskevi WBC, with honors roll and high honors roll in 9th-12th grades.
  • Nina Emnace: All-time leading scorer at Trinity Hall with 1,497 career points and 165 made three-pointers.
State of Play
  • Harvard women's basketball team is strengthening its roster with talented recruits for the upcoming season.
  • Recruits bring a mix of academic achievements and on-court success to the team.
What's Next

The new recruits are expected to add depth to every position on the team and make an immediate impact on the locker room and Harvard community.

Bottom Line

Harvard's women's basketball team's recruitment of five promising players for the upcoming season sets high expectations for both performance and team dynamics.