Pitt Football's 2024 schedule stands out as one of the easiest compared to previous seasons, ranking 10th easiest among Power Four schools according to the ESPN FPI Index.

By the Numbers
  • Pitt ranks No. 10 easiest in schedule strength among Power Four schools.
  • Pitt's average opponent FPI rank is 52.3, with 6 teams above and 5 below it.
Yes, But

Past games against strong teams like Penn State, Oklahoma State, UCF, and Notre Dame contributed to tougher schedules in previous years.

State of Play
  • Pitt will face relatively weaker ACC teams and new conference entrants Cal and SMU in the 2024 season.
  • The ACC appears less formidable, with traditional powerhouses like Clemson facing uncertainties.
What's Next

A weaker schedule in 2024 could offer Pitt the opportunity to return to winning ways after a disappointing 3-9 record last season.

Bottom Line

Pittsburgh Panthers' 2024 football schedule, ranked amongst the easiest, presents a chance for the team to bounce back from a dismal previous season and aim for success in the upcoming games.