The Toronto Raptors are considering drafting Baylor's freshman center Yves Missi, known for his defensive skills and athletic abilities, with the 19th pick, prioritizing long-term potential over immediate impact.

By the Numbers
  • Yves Missi: Averaged 10.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks per game.
  • Missi: Stands at 6'11" with a 9'1.5" standing reach, a 38.5" max vertical jump, and a 3.12 second three-quarter sprint.
Yes, But

Missi's lack of shooting range and unimpressive stats raise doubts about his immediate impact in the NBA.

State of Play
  • Raptors may prioritize defensive flexibility in pick-and-roll coverage with Missi's athleticism.
  • Loss of young big men in the roster prompts Toronto to consider Missi for future needs.
What's Next

If no compelling wing players are available, Raptors could opt for Missi to bolster their defensive options.

Bottom Line

The Raptors are eyeing Yves Missi for his defensive potential and athletic attributes, considering him a valuable asset for the team's future needs.