A.J. Hoggard, a Michigan State transfer, believes Vanderbilt can help him achieve his dream of playing in the NBA, citing the team's fast-paced, NBA-style offense as a key factor. Vanderbilt's coach, Mark Byington, sees Hoggard as a potential difference maker with winning attributes. Byington views Hoggard's bet on Vanderbilt as logical due to the team's style fit for transitioning to the NBA. Hoggard aims to be consistent and win games to elevate his game and reach the next level, encouraged by positive feedback from NBA personnel.

By the Numbers
  • Hoggard averaged 10.7 points and 5.2 assists per game in his senior year at Michigan State.
  • Hoggard shot 40.7% from the field in his final season as a Spartan.
State of Play
  • Vanderbilt's coach and staff are aligned with Hoggard's NBA aspirations and see him as a key player for the team.
  • Hoggard aims to leverage Vanderbilt's system and style to enhance his skills and performance on the court.
What's Next

Hoggard will be focusing on being consistent and winning games to showcase his capabilities and advance his basketball career, with a keen eye on NBA aspirations.

Bottom Line

As A.J. Hoggard embarks on his journey with Vanderbilt, the focus remains on his development, consistency, and the pursuit of his NBA dreams within the team's supportive environment and tailored style fit.