Rookies Rule in Week 1 as the PLL showcases a talented and deep rookie class, with 18 debutants making their mark in the league.

By the Numbers
  • Eight first goal scorers in Week #1 in Albany
  • 18 rookies made their PLL debut, including undrafted players like Jack Dibenedetto and standout performances by others like Luke Weirman and Liam Entenmann.
Yes, But

The transition for rookies into the fast-paced PLL environment may pose challenges despite their initial success.

State of Play
  • Rookies like Jake Piseno and Luke Weirman demonstrated promising skills in face-offs and ground balls, hinting at a bright future.
  • Experienced players like Ronan Jacoby bring a mix of college success and adaptability to their new PLL roles.
What's Next

Week #2 schedule in Charlotte brings more opportunities for rookies to shine and for established players to further establish their presence in the league.

Bottom Line

The influx of rookies in the PLL adds excitement and uncertainty to the league, setting the stage for a dynamic and competitive 2024 season.