Video of Vanderbilt's pickup basketball game featuring most of the new roster highlights the team's early dynamics under Coach Mark Byington.

By the Numbers
  • A.J. Hoggard showcased a high level of play, particularly enhancing the team's performance when on the court.
  • Tyler Nickel displayed promise, sparking optimism about his potential impact in upcoming games.
Yes, But

Some players have areas for improvement, like Jason Edwards needing to refine his shot selection for optimal performance.

State of Play
  • Observations suggest certain players standing out with their skills and potential contributions.
  • Key members like Grant Huffman, Alex Hemenway, and some walk-ons were notably absent from the pickup game.
What's Next

The performance and dynamics witnessed in the pickup game may inform roster decisions and playing strategies for the upcoming season.

Bottom Line

The Vanderbilt pickup game offers a glimpse into the team's evolving chemistry and potential, shaping expectations for the upcoming games and season.