Following the LHJMQ draft held from June 7 to 9, the Armada hockey team selected a new group of 14 players, including nine forwards, four defensemen, and one goaltender, with their sights set on impressing at the August training camp.

By the Numbers
  • 14 players selected in the LHJMQ draft
  • Maddox Dagenais chosen in the 1st round
State of Play
  • The Armada drafted players across various positions, aiming to strengthen the team's roster.
  • An exchange of draft picks with the Huskies impacted the Armada's first-round selection, leading to their pick in the 25th position.
  • The draft included selections from different regions, showcasing a diverse recruitment strategy by the Flotte.
What's Next

Future developments may include the performance of the selected players in the upcoming training camp and their contributions to the team's success in the future seasons.

Bottom Line

The Armada's draft focused on acquiring players who align with the team's identity, preparing for the future by solidifying their prospects and making strategic moves for future drafts through exchanges.