Reflecting on how baseball transformed his life, a writer shares the story of finding solace and purpose through the sport during a difficult period of self-discovery and acceptance.

By the Numbers
  • In 2005, the Rockies picked Troy Tulowitzki as the 7th overall draft pick.
  • The Red Sox clinched their first division title in 17 years in 2007.
Yes, But

The writer grappled with internal struggles and self-acceptance while finding comfort and identity in the baseball community.

State of Play
  • The writer's passion for baseball evolved, leading him to prioritize his love for the Red Sox after a deep connection with the Rockies faded.
  • Following significant personal milestones, including coming out and transitioning writing focus to new teams, the writer's baseball journey continues with renewed Red Sox fandom.
Bottom Line

Through baseball, the writer navigated a path of self-acceptance and belonging, highlighting the transformative power of sports in fostering personal growth and resilience.