The 2024 NBA Draft is approaching, with the Miami Heat holding the No. 15 and 43 picks. Various experts have different predictions for the Heat's selections.

By the Numbers
  • Tristan da Silva, F, Colorado - projected at No. 15 by CBS Sports
  • Kyle Filipowski, F, Duke - projected at No. 15 by The Athletic
Yes, But

The experts have diverse opinions on which players the Heat should select, leading to uncertainty about the final choices.

State of Play
  • Experts suggest various players like Zach Edey, Jared McCain, and Devin Carter as potential picks for the Heat.
  • The assessments highlight different skills and potentials of the projected draftees, adding complexity to Miami's decision-making process.
What's Next

As the draft approaches, Miami Heat's front office will need to carefully consider the available options to make the best choices for their team's future.

Bottom Line

The Miami Heat face a critical decision in the upcoming draft, with multiple talented prospects on the table. The choices they make will significantly impact the team's direction moving forward.