The Orlando Magic are looking to build on their surprising success from last season and aim for the top of the Eastern Conference next season by addressing their needs for outside shooting and size, targeting players like Zach Edey and PJ Hall in the upcoming draft.

By the Numbers
  • Zach Edey Stats 2023-24: G 39, PPG 25.2, RPG 12.2, APG 2.0, BPG 2.2, FG% 62.3%
  • PJ Hall Stats 2023-24: G 36, PPG 18.3, RPG 6.4, APG 1.4, BPG 1.4, FG% 48.8%, 3PT% 31.5%
Yes, But

Zach Edey may have limitations in athleticism and foot speed which could impact his NBA performance despite his strong college stats and potential.

State of Play
  • Orlando Magic exceeded expectations last season, but improvements are crucial for continued success.
  • Decision points for the Magic include Markelle Fultz's free agency and strengthening their three-point shooting.
What's Next

Orlando Magic are anticipated to use their draft picks to address size and shooting needs, alongside potential moves in free agency to enhance their competitiveness in the East.

Bottom Line

The Orlando Magic's strategic focus on size and outside shooting improvements through the draft and potentially in free agency positions them to elevate their standing in the Eastern Conference and aim for title contention in the near future.