The 10 Largest Crowds in WNBA History showcases the increasing popularity of the league, with record-breaking attendance numbers in the 2024 season, driven by exciting new talent from the 2024 WNBA Draft.

By the Numbers
  • The game between the Mystics and the Indiana Fever drew 20,333 fans.
  • The 2003 WNBA Finals Game 3 had a record-breaking attendance of 22,076.
Yes, But

Despite the WNBA's rising attendance numbers, profitability remains a challenge for some teams due to strategies like offering free tickets.

State of Play
  • 2024 WNBA season has seen a surge in sell-out crowds due to new draft class excitement.
  • Rising attendance numbers signal a positive trend for the league's growth and fan engagement.
What's Next

The WNBA is poised for continued growth with new stars like Caitlin Clark reshaping the league's attendance landscape and attracting broader audiences.

Bottom Line

The WNBA's record attendance numbers highlight a promising future for the league, driven by exciting talent and a growing fan base, signaling a positive outlook for its continued success and expansion.