The Atlanta Braves, under the leadership of Alex Anthopoulos, are facing a significant slump in their performance, particularly in their offense, over the last 40 games.

By the Numbers
  • Braves have lost 23 out of the past 40 games before the recent discussion.
  • Ranking 13th in OPS, 12th in slugging, and 17th in homers in the past 64 games.
Yes, But

The team is grappling with injuries to key players like Ronald Acuña Jr. and dealing with a collective decline in offensive performance.

State of Play
  • The Braves are currently 10 games behind the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL East.
  • The team is trying to navigate the slump amid a competitive and challenging season.
What's Next

Anthopoulos is actively engaged in exploring potential trades and strategies to improve the team's performance, especially as the trade deadline approaches on July 30.

Bottom Line

The Braves are facing a critical period as they work to overcome their offensive struggles and realign their performance to secure a spot in the playoffs amidst a fiercely competitive season.