Mariners pitcher Bryan Woo received positive results on an MRI, described as "perfectly clean," after being scratched from a start. He may return to the rotation next week pending further evaluation.

By the Numbers
  • Woo's MRI results came back clean
  • Mariners have played many games without a day off
  • Mariners' rotation leads the Majors with 403 innings
  • Woo has a 1.07 ERA and is undefeated when pitching for the Mariners
Yes, But

While Woo's MRI results are positive, his workload and routine adjustments are being closely monitored for potential issues due to his limited pitching volume.

State of Play
  • Mariners considering adding Emerson Hancock to the rotation to manage workload and provide rest for other starters
  • Woo's health is a priority given his exceptional performance and limited pitching experience
  • The team is navigating a challenging 30-game stretch in 31 days
What's Next

Further evaluation will determine Woo's return to the rotation, while the team manages workload and schedule adjustments to maintain player health and performance.

Bottom Line

Mariners' pitcher Bryan Woo's clean MRI results offer hope for his swift return, but the team remains vigilant in managing his workload to sustain his exceptional performance and overall health.