Mariners face a unique challenge in managing pitcher Bryan Woo's health due to his unconventional pitching background and limited experience, leading to careful monitoring and a focus on maintaining his health and progress.

By the Numbers
  • Bryan Woo's MRI results came back clean after forearm discomfort and he will avoid an IL stint.
  • Bryan Woo quickly progressed through the minor leagues with impressive strikeout rates at every level.
State of Play
  • Bryan Woo's return to the rotation depends on his progress and how he feels daily, with ongoing monitoring by the team.
  • The Mariners are focused on building a routine to help Woo maintain and improve his pitching volume over time to adapt to the demands of the major leagues.
What's Next

The team will continue to work with Woo and their high-performance team to establish a routine that supports his unique pitching style and health needs, aiming to keep him prepared for consistent high-level performance.

Bottom Line

The Mariners are navigating a complex challenge in managing Bryan Woo's pitching health, emphasizing the importance of his well-being and developing a tailored routine to support his success in the major leagues.