Offensive Coordinator Mike Shanahan displays adaptability with quarterbacks, transitioning to guide Indiana's offense after successful stints at James Madison, showcasing his ability to excel despite quarterback turnover year after year.

By the Numbers
  • Shanahan earned All-Big East second-team honors and ranks No. 10 on Pittsburgh’s all-time receiving yards list.
  • James Madison's offense led the CAA with 38.3 points per game, setting records in passing yards and touchdowns under Shanahan's play calling.
State of Play
  • Shanahan progresses under head coach Curt Cignetti, joining Indiana's coaching staff with a talented group of wide receivers.
  • Indiana's offense integrates James Madison transfers and new additions, focusing on utilizing each receiver's unique traits for a diverse attack strategy.
What's Next

Shanahan plans to blend his successful offensive strategies from James Madison with Indiana's strengths, aiming to create a dynamic and adaptable offense tailored to exploit opponent weaknesses.

Bottom Line

Mike Shanahan's track record of success amidst quarterback changes and his strategic approach to leveraging player strengths make him a valuable addition to Indiana's coaching staff, primed to elevate the team's offensive performance.